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Rotech Keg Line Monitoring System
The Rotech MK 5
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The Rotech MK 5

The Rotech Mk 5 System Comprises:

Electronic keg: Your standard keg, any type or size; fitted with data logger and process sensors.

Options: Additional temperature sensor, continuous level sensing (volume contents, fill/empty rate).

Data-logger: With long-life lithium battery (1-2 years with normal use). Non-volatile memory, 2-3 hour recording capacity.

Logging: ½-second standard (program-mable). Start automatically when clamped on head 1 (or manually if preferred). Auto or manual stop.

Data transfer: Non-contact infra-red to local reader, serial cable to remote PC (no plugs & sockets, no loose parts). Serial/USB input. Put the reader anywhere convenient for the line (e.g., wall or handrail fixing) — usually where the keg lives when not in use. Portable hand reader also available.

PC: Modern PC with LCD screen supplied as standard.  All software is installed — the
system arrives tested and ready to run. We supply a PC to avoid any issues with busy brewery computers, IT permissions, etc. You can install the system on a brewery computer or network at any time (software CD supplied). If preferred, we can supply without a PC and you can install on your own systems.

Software:  The most important element of any system. Powerful, friendly, dedicated software for results display analysis, archiving, file export, printing, etc. Extensive unique racker-oriented facilities, too numerous to list. Any language (English, German, French, Dutch and Japanese are standard); any units oC/oF, Bar/Barg/kPa/psi, litres/gallons/ US gallons, etc.

Supremely easy to use, sets world standards: One button keg wakeup, logging starts automatically (Put through the line and retrieve/decant)

Park the keg under the data reader. Call the information from the PC any time later. Keg will go to sleep (and keep data) if there is a long delay; and will switch off ready for next use after transfer is verified.
Rotech Keg Line Monitoring System