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Rotech Keg Line Monitoring System
Infra-red Data Link
Typical trace, with notes
Rotech is the world leader in electronic keg systems. Its novel and patented features offer by far the easiest use on the line, and the most friendly and advanced software.
If you have a keg filling line, the
Rotech Keg is an essential tool for:

Routine Quality checking and assurance
— e.g., for ISO 9002 and responsibilities
under HACCP

Improved in-keg hygiene — monitor
disinfection quality; replaceguesswork
with certainty

Cost saving — more throughput, reduced
energy and utilities consumption

Problem solving — pinpoint any washing,
disinfection, filling, problem; apply and
verify solutions

Engineering fault finding — check
settings; trace faults in minutes, verify

Commissioning new plant — save hours
of setting-up time, eliminate guesswork,
show performance
Keg Line Monitoring
What can it do for you?

See exactly what is happening inside your kegs — during every stage of washing, disinfection, gassing and filling. Replace guesswork with instrumented certainty. See how to improve operations and reduce costs. Make changes with confidence; and verify in minutes. more info...
Infra-red Data Link
"We found the Rotech keg to be an invaluable tool to evaluate steam quality. This allowed us to optimize line efficiency and still feel comfortable with sanitation."

Steve Chamberlain, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co,
Typical trace, with notes
The New Rotech MK 5 Keg now features a continuous level sensing option
"Fifty percent of our business is draft. Although we have a robust keg cleaning and filling plant, I was never satisfied with our 'window keg'. The kegging process moves too quickly to really understand what's happening in the barrels. With the Rotech Keg it's really easy to verify proper operation. Thirty minutes after the Rotech Keg arrived we found a problem with an air purge and steam pressure. I don't think anybody serious about draft beer quality can afford not to have one."

Daniel Carey, Brewmaster, New Glarus Brewing Company,
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Rotech Keg Line Monitoring System