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Rotech Keg Line Monitoring System
How do Rotech Monitor?
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How Do Rotech Monitor?

The Key — is to know exactly what is happening inside your kegs during washing, disinfection and fill. This is the only place it matters, and if you don’t know, you are literally flying blind.

No MIS/SCADA can go inside the keg. Outside measurements cannot hope to tell if wash liquors are pooling, if disinfection steam is saturated in the keg, what the dynamic counter-pressure is during fill, how much fobbing (frothing) there is — and why; nor many other crucial in-keg parameters.

But this information is essential for routine assurance of hygiene and for fast, quiet, gas-balanced fills — also for pinpointing faults, eliminating process delays and improving energy efficiency.

You can get it by indirect means — for example sterile rinses will tell you if counts were low; gas analysis will tell you that the balances are within spec ... But these tests are highly skilled and slow ...
The twist is that in most cases, little or no cost is involved in turning an under-performing or temperamental beast into a fast efficient line.

What’s missing?

Three things actually:

Good Keg data — the only real option for getting vital data in-keg data is a modern electronic keg. It must be supremely easy to use — relentless pressure on manpower resources means breweries will just avoid equipment that takes time or trouble.

Easy-to-read Results — Nobody has time to pore over a featureless trace or a huge table of figures (some modern electronic kegs still produce these).

Clear and confident action when you have the results — Who is going to make changes to a line that has been packaging for years? — Unless the benefits are clear and worthwhile before you start, and can be verified after.

So what’s new now?

Well, Rotech has been acutely aware of the issues, and has responded by producing the current and unique MK 5 Keg Monitoring System:

The fastest and most cost-effective tool
for line monitoring and improvement
available to the Packaging Manager.

The fastest ROI for the Financial Director
when the results are used.
But breweries have been collecting data from inside kegs for decades ...

Indeed. Every brewery has window kegs, kegs fitted with temperature & pressure gauges, kegs with data-loggers, etc., Electronic so-called ‘smart’ kegs have been around for years.

So why aren’t all rackers operating supremely well?

Something’s been missing. As a result, most rackers (including many brand new) are operating well below their potential of quality, productivity and minimum cost.
Rotech Keg Line Monitoring System