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Rotech Keg Line Monitoring System
Why Monitor?
Keg Line Monitoring
Why monitor?

Do you know what is happening inside your keg on each head of your filler?

For example:

Are you using excessive detergent
for rinses?

Are there unintentional pools in the
keg during washing?

Are you using more energy than you

If you steam disinfect — is your
steam saturated, and is your
disinfection cycle adequate?

Have you got filling, frothing/fobbing,
or gas balance problems with the

Are there unnecessary delays that
could be reduced to fill more kegs per

These are just some of the issues
vital for fast, efficient, and hygienic
operation of the line.
The 'Rotech' provides instant, accurate answers to these and every other part of the washing, sanitising, and filling operation.

Verify and improve your disinfection and fill quality, your energy efficiency, your productivity, and reduce your operating costs at the same time.

Rotech has specialised in keg and racker monitoring since 1988. We’ve seen just about every problem there is in keg racking. We have hundreds of records, good and bad, from virtually every type and size of keg and filling line, from all over the world.

If you want to improve your kegging operation, or if you have a problem, we can offer fast experience-based solutions.
Rotech Keg Line Monitoring System